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Fifteenth Census Of The United States: 1930

This is the census taken in St Croix County in 1930 for Glenwood Township

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Kaiser Wilhelm II

The ship Emil and Bernhardt Henke returned to America on in 1909.

Ship Name: Kaiser Wilhelm II
Years in service: 1903-1917
Funnels: 4
Masts: 3
Aliases: Agamemnon (1917), Monticello (1927)
Ship Description: Builder: "Vulkan", Stettin, Germany. Tounage: 19,361. Dimensions: 684' x 72' (706' overall length). Twin-screw, 23.5 knots. Quadruple expansion engines; 42,000 LH.P. Three masts, four funnels.
Shipping Line: North German Lloyd


The ship Carl, Augusta, and Ameilia traveled to America on.

Ship Name: Silesia
Years in service: 1869-1887
Funnels: 1
Masts: 2
Aliases: Pacifica (1887) British, Citta di Napoli (1888), Montevideo (1891)
Ship Description: Builder: Caird and Company, Limited, Greenock, Scotland. Tonnage: 3,156. Dimensions: 341' x 40'. Single-screw, 13 knots. Inverted type engines. Re-engined with compounds. Two masts, one funnel. Iron hull.
Shipping Line: Hamburg-American