Welcome to our site devoted to sharing our journey with friends and family. Gus and Tanya grew up in the small town of Bayfield, located in Northern Wisconsin. We were married shortly after college. We began our life together as a Navy family moving multiple times, picking up a child in three different states. Today we are a family of five. The boys out number the girls 4 to 1 with Tanya being the lone female. We do try our best to keep her in line. Our three boys, Aaron, Nathan, and Ethan are growing rapidly but we are enjoying every minute of it.


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Fire of undetermined origin completely destoryed the farm house on the Louis Dahl farm, located southwest of Glenwood City shortly after noon Monday. City firemen were forced to abandon their attempts to extinguish the blaze because of a lack of water. When the water supply in the cistern reached a low level, it was decided to save what remained to check any spread of the fire to other buildings in case of a shift ini the wind.

Mr. and Mrs. Dahl and three children, Wayne 15, Carol 12, and Roger 4, were at home when the blaze started. Mrs. Dahl and the two younger children were in the house at the time while Mr. Dahl and Wayne were working in the barn.

Mrs. Dahl noticed smoke in the house and called her husband. By the time he reached the house flames had spread throughout the two-story frame building. Mr. Dahl suffered burns on his face and right arm in an attempt to remove some of the household goods from the house. He was brought to Glenwood City for treatment.   ... Read More

Glenn Laverne, son of Louis and Leona Dahl, was born April 24, 1932 at Glenwood City. He gre up here and attended grade school at Pine Heights and High school at Glenwood City. He was a member of Our Savior's Lutheran Church.

At the age of seventeen he enlisted in the Navy and took his boot training at Great Lakes. He then attended Electrician School there. After finishing this course he went to Norfolk, VA., wher he was a storekeeper for some time. On December 17, 1951, he went to Newport, Rhode Island and received training at a disbursement schook, going back to Norfolk, VA as a disbursement clerk, a position he held until his discharge on May 28, 1953, having served his country four years.   ... Read More

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by Gustave Dahl
Aaron was able to perform at the Dulwich piano recital last Thursday. He did an excellent job and held his own against the other performers. Tanya did manage to keep the came   ... Read More

by Gustave Dahl
I took some time over vacation to figure out the Zenfolio API. I can be lazy with things like this but I seem to be motivated recently. This has allowed me to integrate our p   ... Read More

by Tanya Dahl
Happy New Year!  We have had a very good 2014.  We are looking forward to the rest of our time here in China as well as our move back to the US this summer. Aaron,    ... Read More

by Tanya Dahl
We have had some fun adventures over the past several months. We took a trip to Vietnam over Chinese New Year. We visited Ho Chi Min City and Hoi An. Vietnam seems to be a few   ... Read More

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